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Kuma Sonics provides creative technical services for themed entertainment, exhibition, house of worship and event projects - Concept Phase through Opening Day and beyond. 

Kuma Sonics has consulted on - designed, installed, programmed - major projects around the world (see our project list).  Now we are bringing that global experience home to be WNC's local audio/video/controls consultant.  Attractions, events, houses of worship, clubs, studios and restaurants all will benefit from our experience, expertise and creativity.

Furthermore, Kuma Sonics can assemble and manage your entire creative team to tell your story in a compelling and authentic way...




Kuma Sonics is just one of the many artists participating in the upcoming 10^10 Blow Out fundraiser at Pink Dog Creative on Saturday night, October 8th.  Get your tickets now!


Kuma Sonics is assembling a local team for the installation of a new sound system into the Asheville Civic Center Arena this winter for AVI-SPL.  The installation is concurrent with the major renovation recently begun and is slated to be complete by the end of February 2012. 


Scott Shepard returned from Infocomm 2011 in Orlando with new information, new ideas and new relationships.


Scott Shepard has joined the Board of Directors of the Media Arts Project.


Scott Shepard served as Technical Coordinator for Hatch Asheville 2011, the third year in a row.  Stay tuned to find out what Hatch will hatch next.


Kuma Sonics recently completed audio/video/controls bid documents for Legoland Malaysia for Edwards Technologies, Inc.